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Powder Induction & Dispersing » Conti - TDS


The ystral Conti-TDS is a machine for the dust-free induction, wetting and dispersing of powders into a liquid.It is designed according to the rotor-stator-principle and creates the required vacuum to induct the powder into the shear zone of the dispersed and highly accelerated liquid stream by itself.

Different to other ystral TDS-machines, the machine is not installed into but placed outside of the respective vessel. With this set-up all the energy is converted to wetting and dispersing energy into a very small volume in the mixing head.

Same as all other TDS-machines, this system offers the following advantages:

  • dust-free handling without any loss of powder, no decanting, no exhaust systems, no filter systems are required
  • direct induction from bags, silo, BigBag or powder container
  • immediate and complete wetting, directly into the liquid stream, no partially wetted crust at the wall of the vessel and/or the mixing shaft
  • higher degree of dispersion compared to conventional mixing and dispersing principles
  • even liquids and gases may be inducted
  • CIP-cleaning without disassembly


  • Liquid and powder enter the mixing chamber from different sides. They are dispersed in a rotor-stator-system and leave the mixing chamber completely wetted and dispersed through the liquid outlet of the chamber.

  • The machine may either be placed in a horizontal or in a vertical position.

  • The machine is mainly operated as an inline system attached to a vessel. Another option is to already induct powder while filling the vessel

  • The Conti-TDS is not self-priming and requires some static pressure at the inlet of the mixing chamber (static filling level or a pressurising pump).

  • Best induction results can be achieved by installing the induction machine as close as possible to the vessel.

  • The angle between product inlet and product outlet is variable. It is very easy to adapt the system into existing installations.


  • Some applications to highlight the advantages of the ystral Conti-TDS

  • Reduction of the processing time of a white lacquer to about 5% of the original production
    time with an increase of the quality

  • Reduction of the dissolving time of a artificial resin to about 1% of the conventional
    production time, induction speed about 6 sec per 25 kg bag

  • Reduction of the additional grinding time in a ball mill when treating black carbon
    slurry to about 30%

  • Increase of the brilliance of a paint and reduction of grinding time when producing
    wood protection lacquer

  • Higher product quality and better handling characteristics for a primer compound,
    ceramic surface material and fillers

  • Complete elimination of processing steps when producing foils, fibres and film
    coating products

  • tremendous reduction in time for the dissolving time of Pectin, Alginate, CMC, Guar,
    Xanthan or similar

  • Dust-free handling of dangerous powders when treating Herbicides, lead pigments,
    Diatomite Earth, heavy metals, acidic powders....

  • In some fields of applications in the water and waste treatment plants, PVC production
    or sweets confectionnairy, solutions could be offered, where no perfect mixing results
    could be achieved before the introduction of the ystral TDS system

  • The Conti-TDS has been tested by many suppliers of powders and they recommend
    the machine for the treatment of their powders.